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What is ISO 18001?

What is ISO 18001?

ISO 18001, also known as ISO 45001, is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS). The standard provides a framework for organizations to manage and improve their occupational health and safety performance.

ISO 18001 was first published in 1999 and was revised in 2018 to become ISO 45001. The standard is applicable to all organizations, regardless of their size or industry, and is designed to help them minimize the risk of occupational injuries and illnesses.

The OHSMS outlined in ISO 18001/45001 involves identifying hazards and risks, implementing controls to mitigate these risks, and continuously monitoring and improving the effectiveness of the system. It also involves the involvement of all employees in the process, from top management to front-line workers.

By implementing an OHSMS based on ISO 18001/45001, organizations can reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and illnesses, improve employee morale and engagement, and demonstrate their commitment to occupational health and safety.

ISO 18001/45001 certification is not mandatory, but many organizations choose to pursue it as a way to demonstrate their compliance with international standards and improve their reputation in the marketplace.

In summary, ISO 18001/45001 is an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. It provides a framework for organizations to identify and mitigate risks to minimize the likelihood of workplace accidents and illnesses. Certification is optional but can provide a range of benefits to organizations that choose to pursue it.

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